Created & performed by Meryem Alaoui

Performance at SummerWorks Festival in the Factory Theatre lobby // August 2015

Photography by Alejandro Santiago





Performance filmed in August 2015 – SUMMERWORKS FESTIVAL


Sand Body started with questions regarding the body in relation to objecthood: How does an object perform its object status? Does the body that prefers stillness indulge a different way of seeing, one that traces and troubles the boundaries between objects and living beings? Does slowness, the quality of proceeding at a reduced pace, have an ancestral wisdom, or futuristic optimism to offer us now? What kind of beautiful vibrancy can the body that is slow illuminate?

In Sand Body, a disembodied voice gives directions. Who is being directed? Who is directing? What sort of implied agency does this voice carry with it and perhaps offer to those hearing it?


Made with the support of Dancemakers Centre of Creation through a creation residency (summer 2014)