Co-created & performed by Brandy Leary (Anandam Dancetheatre) and Meryem Alaoui

Lighting design by Siobhan Sleath

Work-in-progress performance shown during the 2015 Summerworks Festival at Theatre Passe-Muraille

Brandy Leary and Meryem Alaoui are engaged in a praxis of Psychic Choreography to examine connection, creation and collaboration. Rooted in a shared interest in blank art, a love of debate over the emperor’s new clothes, a dedication to improvisation as a way of being present with each other and a belief in the transmissive state of performance, this work is created through a process of psychic transmissions [and blog posts] with the artists working in different spaces, at different times and geographic locations around the glove but never at the same time, in the same room until the moment of performance.