MARCH 23. 24. 25 | 7:30 PM

MARCH 26 | 4 PM

At The Wilder in Montreal

Presented by Tangente

35 minutes

Nestled in the space between performance art and dance, Sand Body is a meditative choreographic work. The setting is simple: a plastic blue tarp, ten buckets of sand and the dancer-as-a-material. In this pared-down solo, the artist-performer interacts with the objects carefully. Moving ever-so-slowly she concentrates serenely on her tasks, leaving traces in and with the sand. Pulled between her desire to pursue dancing and lead a secluded life in meditation, the artist brings with her the “ethos of attention and awareness” in this sensitive composition. She questions the frenetic pace of our lives, inviting us to slow down, zoom in on details and so to deepen our spectating. Little by little, we enter into a contemplative state and finally take the time to sharpen our senses and savour the moment.