in rehearsal (photo by Yoan Malnati)


// My work is propelled by a fascination with the complexity of the human body in its most beautiful simplicity. In my practice, movement and physicality become both experiential and conceptual modalities for better understanding the living environment and navigating the contemporary moment.

My research is anchored in an interest in experiential tangible phenomena within the body which may be subtle and not yet visible. This interest in the invisible is often played out through a rigorous questioning of embellishment, spectacle, and outward displays of virtuosity and narrative in the work. The works are often an invitation towards a softer, more contemplative and introspective way of experiencing dance and the world. At the same time, I seek to recognize and challenge my own affinities, constantly striving to re(de)fine my choreographic vision and dance language in search of relevant ways of framing dance in our time.

In an effort to foreground ways of seeing that highlight the multiplicity of our reality in the body, I often work in collaborative and interdisciplinary situations. I am deeply inspired by the connections between the voice and the body, and I often utilize this connection as an important element in creation and performance. The body’s status in relation to object-hood is another, more recent, area of interest in my work. This has led me to include the presence of physical materials and objects in my recent performances, sometimes within situations that appear between exhibition/installation and performance.

In my most recent projects, I have made specific choices about where work is presented/performed, aiming to give more agency to the audience as to how they want to experience the work. This is something I continually consider now as I shape my choreographic practice. //